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XL-Film > XL-Film?
XL Filmⓡ is state-of-the-art of optical function LGP (Light Guide Plate) film which is an efficiently diffused reflection by using LED light sources generated at LGP side. With the advent of LED light source, LGP has started to be used widely and is now one of the most important BLU in the signage and display market. It is one of the main components of BLU, and XL Filmⓡ, is the core component to further improve the quality and performance of light guide plate.
Notably, XL Film ⓡ is different from the existing LGP which is processed with acrylic, it is a light guide film which uses optical printing on soft and thin Film. It is able to realize a much higher level of illumination, broader view angle, better brightness as well as light uniformity compared to current methods.
Most importantly, it is the first film that can meet the mass production demand of the world demand for LGP. XL Film ⓡ is cost effective and has better quality through faster production speed.
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